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Comprehensive Automotive Services.


Car Service Canberra offers a comprehensive range automotive services to suit your needs.


Our combined team experience guarantees that you get a high quality service whatever your vehicle needs.

Below are just some of the services we offer!

If you require further information, contact the team here at Car Service Canberra.

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Vehicle Maintenance & General Servicing

Our mechanics are fully qualified to advise you on every aspect of car service and repair across all makes and models of motor vehicles.

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Log Book Service

If you have a new car under Statutory Warranty, you can rest assured that we can carry out the log book service as required and still retain your auto warranty. Once your service is complete, we will stamp your vehicles logbook as a record of regular maintenance. 

Click Here to Book in for a Log Book Service


Gearbox & Transmission Service & Repairs

Our Automatic Transmission Service includes replacement of transmission fluid, cleaning and/or replacement of filter plus adjustments as necessary. 

Click Here to Book in for all Gearbox & Transmission Repairs


Battery Check & Replacement

We can test your battery and if its needs replacing we can do that too, we even dispose of you old car battery.

Click Here to Book in for all Battery Needs


Wheel Balance & Alignment 

Balance - Adjusting the tyres and wheels to spin without causing any vibrations.

Alignment - Adjusting the angles of the wheels so that they are perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other.

Click Here to Book in for a Wheel Balance or Alignment


Suspension & Shock Absorbers

Leading automotive experts recommend to have a mechanic inspect your shock absorbers every 20,000 km. The function of your car’s suspension is to provide a smooth, comfortable ride even when you’re on a bumpy road.

Click Here to Book in to have your Suspension Checked


Brakes & Clutch Service & Replacement

We offer a full brake servicing Including System Check, Machining of Drums, System Flush & Shoe Replacement. 

Clutch service includes adjustment, hydraulics and clutch pad replacement for all car makes and models.

Click Here to Book in to have your Brakes or Clutch Checked


Engine Diagnostics

Is your check engine light on or flashing, it’s time to visit Car Service Canberra.

It’s hard to self-diagnose a check engine light, an illuminated check engine or service engine soon light indicates that a part of your vehicle’s system is not operating properly.

Click Here to Book in to have your Check Engine Light Checked


Engine Repairs & Replacements

We can handle minor and major engine repairs.  We also supply and fit exchange engines. 

Alternatively, engines can be rebuilt where no replacement unit is available.
All exchange engines are supplied to the highest quality in automotive engineering and include warranty.

Click Here to Book in for all Engine Repairs


Radiator Replacement & Cooling System Service

We pressure-test the radiator, inspect hoses for leaks, radiator cap for proper sealing, check coolant level, check water pump for leaks or wear and all drive belts for tension and condition.

Click Here to Book in for Radiator Replacement


Pre-Purchase Inspection

Take the guess work out of buying a car and get a pre-purchase inspection so you can buy with confidence.

Upon completion, you will receive an report of the inspection results. 

Click Here to Book in for Pre-Purchase Inspection

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